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The United Nation Convention of the Rights of the Child states that every child has the inherent right to life, survival and development.

All For Childhood aims to provide resources and information, based on the latest research, to parents and caregivers to ensure children are given this right.

Parenting is tough, there are lots of decisions to make, but one thing is simple: safety is not a choice. Ensuring a safe environment during the first years means every child can enjoy a happy childhood.

Sleep-related deaths are the number one cause of injury-related deaths in the first year of life. Almost every one of those deaths is preventable by following the current recommendations from the AAP and the Safe Sleep Task Force.

All For Childhood was developed by a Melbourne-based mum, early childhood educator, and advocate for children’s safety, wanting to put an end to preventable deaths.

All For Childhood has been created to ensure all caregivers have access to evidence-based, up-to-date guidelines and information on how to keep their children safe in the earliest years of life.


SUID (Sudden unexpected infant death) describes the sudden and unexpected death of a child less than one year old. SUID often occurs when an infant is sleeping or in a sleep space. Each year in Australia, approximately 93 deaths are classified as SUID, this includes SIDS and fatal sleep-related accidents.

According to the leading researchers in SIDS and sleep-related infant deaths, most of these deaths can be prevented by following the ABC’s of safe sleep: Alone, Back, Cot/Crib.

Find out more about the ABC’s of safe sleep.

Watch this short video on how to set up a safe sleep space.

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