All For Childhood – why is it here?

Welcome to the first blog post of All For Childhood. 

I started All For Childhood to create a platform for Australian parents and caregivers to have access to up-to-date, evidence based safety information. 

Currently in Australia, we are fairly behind in safe sleep standards. For example, the current guidelines in Australia on blanket use refers to a study from 1996! That’s 24 years worth of research and evidence being ignored. 

Discovering the fact that most sleep-related infant deaths are actually preventable, I decided it was only fair for Australian families to be provided with actual evidence-based guidelines. 

Why don’t I promote Australian guidelines even though I’m based in Australia? 

The guidelines presented on All For Childhood’s site reference the recent research conducted by the leading researchers in SIDS and safe sleep: The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Task Force on SIDS. Australia, compared to other countries (such as the US), does not spend as much money on research. 

Baby physiology does not change from one country to another, and unfortunately, some countries are just behind in safe sleep guidelines. 

Children have a right to a safe environment, and this includes their sleep environment. We have strict safety standards for car seats, as the child’s life is at stake: the same should go for sleep. Every time a baby is placed down for sleep, their life is in the hands of their caregiver. If they are placed in a space that follows the ABC’s of safe sleep, the risk of SIDS is dramatically reduced (the same as being hit by a meteorite!). If they are placed in an unsafe environment, the risk increases. We can only know how to keep our babies safe while sleeping when we are informed of how to do so. 

When we know better, we do better. 

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