Climbing out of the cot

Serious head/neck/spine injuries can (and do, often) result from cot falls.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late: as soon as your child starts attempting to climb, they can no longer safely be in their cot.

What should you do when your baby or toddler starts trying to climb out of their cot?

If they are under 15 months old:

  • Immediately remove the cot
  • Place the cot mattress on the floor in a completely baby proofed room

If they are over 15 months old:

  • Time to transition to a toddler bed, toddler beds are regulated so never make any alterations to the toddler bed such as cutting the legs off.
  • Continue to use the cot/toddler mattress until at least two years old

Toddler beds

When can my child transition to a toddler bed?

Toddler beds are safety tested and are considered safe for children aged 15 months and older.