Travelling and safe sleep

How can you keep your baby safe when you're not at home?

Australia does not reliably regulate bassinets and portacots. It’s important to use one that meets US safety standards:

  • For portacots, ASTM F406
  • For bassinets, ASTM F2194


There are a few products that are tested for sleep, and are easy to travel with:


Portacots and Bassinets


Ingenuity Smart and Simple Travel Cot
Phil & Teds Traveller portacot
The Fisher Price Baby Dome
The Fisher Price Stow ‘n Go

If you’re travelling, make sure to pack some baby-proofing items so that anywhere you go can be made into a safe environment.

Never add an extra mattress to portacots. Portacots are safety tested with the mattress that comes with them. Adding a mattress increases the risk of suffocation and entrapment.  

Portacots are a flexible structure and once a supplemental mattress has been added, the sleep space is now structurally unsafe, even if the additional mattress is removed. 

Remember: safe sleep for EVERY sleep.
Remember: safe sleep for EVERY sleep.